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"Our 6 year old son looks forward to his martial arts class and loves learning from Monty! Monty is patient and engaging- showing Lucas a variety of different techniques and poses which helps keep his attention. We look forward to Lucas learning more and becoming a great Shoshin Ryu student!" -Clara Hardgrave

"Rio Grande Shoshin Ryu is a class for all ages and levels. Sensei shows kindness, patience and understanding as he imparts instruction and wisdom. I highly recommend this course of study." -Shelley Epstein

"Michael is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He is eager to welcome anyone willing to learn this special art! Mr. Scisco has a wonderful positive attitude and takes his fitness very seriously. He takes his time to teach you slowly so it allows the body and mind to understand the movements. I would highly recommend his classes to anyone wanting to learn!" -Sher Bowers