Buki Keiko – Weapons (Knife / Stick)



What is Buki Keiko?

Buki Keiko (weapons training) is designed to teach the Shoshin Ryu student how to use weapons to assist with self defense, to disarm attacker’s weapons, and to refine martial skills that can be more easily learned with a weapon than empty handed.

Weapons training adds to the overall capability of the Shoshin Ryu student by improving flow, extension, and power. Weapons training also includes the practical application of using and defending against weapons.

Shoshin Ryu supports training in:

  1. Tonfa
  2. Stick
  3. Knife
  4. Iai (sword)
  5. Bo
  6. Jo
  7. Cane

Shoshin Ryu also teaches all students how to disarm attackers who are utilizing a hand gun, knife or stick (junior practitioners). Senior practitioners (black belts) learn disarms of many other weapons.